Guest Comments

Read what our guests have thought of their Abbey Guesthouse experience.

My first visit to the guesthouse was even better than I anticipated. Comfortable room and an amazing view in all lights. I look forward to many more visits. Just 24 hours here has a restorative power. Thank you!
I love the simple beauty of the room, the great view, and the amenities (eg. Internet access). The staff is so kind and courteous. I enjoy the opportunity to meet and visit with other guests and the privilege of worship with the monastic community. Thanks!
Wonderful! So clean, so peaceful, so comfortable and the staff is so welcoming and courteous.
Very restful, very relaxing, and great food service. Very nice operation and very well done!
Everything was excellent. I had heard that the food at St. John’s was good but it far surprised my expectations. The desserts were the best I ever had. I especially appreciated daily Mass and being able to pray with others three times a day. St. John’s provided a beautiful opportunity to read, pray, think, get enough rest and to be with God. I found the peace and focus I had been seeking. Thank you!
I’ve been to the Abbey Guesthouse before and will return. It’s a terrific atmosphere in all regard, and I’m most grateful to all who make this experience possible.
I have had a wonderful retreat here. The staff has all been friendly and cordial. The food is delicious and the room perfect! The peace and quiet has been a great comfort. Thank you!
The hospitality was truly Benedictine! Thanks so much, it was greatly appreciated. Fr. Don was truly inspirational-great teacher, wonderful sense of humor! Would like more of his wealth of knowledge and good nature! Let’s do it again!
So refreshing to stay here and the food was excellent. We would like recipes and make them available to guest. The cooks were amazing. Thank you!
I enjoyed very much the beauty of the new guesthouse, the comfortable bed and the friendly people. Thank you!
We had a group of friends returning for a reunion. The staff & facilities were both great for allowing us time together. The availability of public spaces was very nice.
The best weekend I’ve spent in years. I’ll be back, hopefully soon, to this wonderful place!
My previous stay at St. John’s was prior to the construction of the guesthouse, and when I learned of its construction, I was worried that it would fundamentally change the nature of my stay. I was wrong! While the guesthouse is new, it is the Benedictine community that defines the ethos of a St. John’s retreat. Your centuries-old commitment to Christian hospitality, simplicity, & the life of prayer are still intact and on humble display at the Abbey Guesthouse. Thank you for ministering God’s peace to me once again, & for allowing me a place & space to experience the "Sabbath rest that remains for the people of God".
Thank you so much for your hospitality! I really appreciated breakfast being available so early in the morning. Thank you for the healthy, delicious nourishing food and atmosphere (and for keeping the cookie jar full!)
Very comfortable spaces. The food was excellent. I appreciated the variety and the choices on vegetables - cooked and in salads. The staff was most gracious and helpful.
This is a wonderful place to heal and strengthen the spirit. Thank you for all the great gifts of the present being.
Thank you for the kindness and hospitality I experience during my stay. The guesthouse is an amazing facility. And I am very thankful that I was able to spend time in solitude listening to God and being very aware of his presence in this very special place. I look forward to future returns at the guesthouse.